Tesla’s new Model Y version being released with lower mileage range

Amy Ha

A new 279-mile version of Tesla’s Model Y all-electric crossover is being launched – maybe. In the evening of March 12, 2022, EPA’s Fuel Economy website confirmed that the new vehicle has been tested by the agency.  Tesla is preparing to launch this new version of Model Y with a 279-mile range and an all-wheel drive (AWD) powertrain in the coming days.

The below chart, derived from the EPA’s website, compares four versions of Tesla’s electric SUV:

  • two versions that are currently being sold (Model Y Long Range AWD and Model Y Performance AWD),
  • one version that was briefly offered in 2021 before being discontinued (Model Y Standard Range RWD), and
  • the new version that is in the works (Model Y AWD):
Tesla Model Y comparison chart 1

As shown on the chart, the Model Y AWD is listed with an EPA-rated range of 279 miles, which is 51 miles less than the current Model Y Long Range AWD at 330 miles of range.

The detailed specifications of the Model Y AWD are as follows:

Tesla Model Y comparison chart 2

This new version of Model Y is going to be equipped with Tesla’s own 4680 battery cell and a new structural battery pack, which could be an LFP (lithium-iron-phosphate) that Tesla and other automakers have begun to use for the Standard Range vehicles.

As the leading theory, Tesla would start to produce this new Model Y at Gigafactory Berlin, but time will confirm. Once Tesla starts deliveries from Gigafactory Texas, which is scheduled to happen by the end of the month, more details of the Model Y AWD will be released.

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